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Something You Need to Know About ME

I’m not a so-called Graduate in Business Studies but with over time, I have collected a lot of information and increased my knowledge.

Hi, my name is Amit Mahajan and I launched this blog in September 2018. This is not my first blog, my first blog which I launched was in 2015.

Right now I’m also working on other blogs and my main source of income is not blogging, but it is the Business I’m doing from the past 15 years.

“You have to Face Challenges in your Life, but these challenges train you well for the Future.”


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How TaskDream Helps You in Personal Finance and Entrepreneurial Niche

You came to this about section to know about TaskDream and my journey. Right? So as I told you this blog was started in the month of September in 2018, so it is not an old blog.

New blog with new strategies, a fresh start!!

When I started with this blog, I already had a mindset that I want to provide the best possible value to my readers so that I can make them achieve whatever they want. I want to provide 10 times better content than what is available online. So I try my best to share with you whatever I know without costing you a single penny.

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If you want to have some more value, then I would recommend you to join my Facebook Groups. This Community of people engage a lot and will also answer your questions if you have any.

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