21 Ways to Earn Money as a Student in India QUICKLY
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Earn Money as a Student in India

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Updated: 22nd October, 2018

If you want to start building up your income, kind of side income, which substantially continues to turn into a passive income, then follow my guide.

There are a hell lot of possibilities for you to earn money online as well as in the offline market. I could not count how many possibilities are there to cash cheques when you are in your early stages.

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In this blog post, I have shared with you my best 21 ways from which you can earn money being a student. As in the headline, $1000 being a student is definitely possible.

All you have to do is follow my steps carefully and try to implement in your life. I have also listed some ideas which will help you generate passive income for the years to come.

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Have the Courage to Start

Don’t care a damn what your relatives or friends say. Just start with your full potential and never give up.

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts

These lines by Winston Churchill develop a sense of motivation and inspiration. There are a lot of people who started their career being a student, and now they are world famous.

#1. Sell Your Old Textbooks

The books you used for the previous semester are now useless for you. You do not require them anymore to cover the space in your bookshelves.

Why not sell these books?

Many students sell their used books of the previous semesters to the students who have now taken admission in the new class. You can charge some modest fees for each book and earn a good amount of income.

You can also sell books of your classmates if they wish not to sell them on their own.

Now, how to sell used books?

You can sell these books simply by listing them on OLX or putting up a stall in a crowded place in your city. I must tell that selling books is not a project of more than 2 days.

#2. Milyin

Yeah… that’s my another website. It’s a platform on which you can start posting your content to get paid.

I started this platform, what I call it, in May of this year only. And it has become a very nice platform attracting a lot of visitors every day.

Actually, I’m not alone, I started this platform with my friend. His name is Aditya.

On Milyin, you have to just go and register, one thing to tell that it works just like YouTube. But the difference is that here you have to publish Articles.

If you are fond of reading and writing, Milyin is a great place for you. We have also introduced you with a Chat option from where you can start to converse with the users which are registered there.

We have paid a lot of them on their work. We actually pay you on the basis of words (total written in all articles) and visitors you have received. It’s totally free for you to register and publish articles there.

#3. Freelancing as a Part-Time Job

Earn Money as a Student Freelancing
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If you find your talent in one thing or the other, or you are really well experienced in a particular subject, then Freelancing is for you.

Freelancing is actually a way by which you can a good income by completing the tasks of other people who assign you.

There are many freelancing sites available, just like:

  1. Freelancer.com
  2. Upwork
  3. Toptal.com
  4. Elance

When I was first starting out with this online world, Freelancing was the way for me then. I started out with providing services for writing blogs for websites, making websites, some translation work and much more.

And over years I improved my capability to write high-quality articles regularly. Now you are the one to judge.

So I shifted from Freelancing to Blogging. But I would recommend everyone to first start out with providing paid services to people, then start with a business.

#4. Books Library

You are fond of reading books and you have collected a lot of books over time, then why not start a business out of it?

Here books library refers to all the books which you have collected. There might be many students who are looking forward to purchasing new books, why not tell them that you provide books on rent?

Rather than purchasing the book, they are surely going to rent books from you at a low cost, if there is no library nearby.

Before 2 years from now, I wished to start such kind of business. But because of other work, I was not able to start with this business and earn money. I dropped the idea but kept it for you.

Tips for getting started with this type of small business:

  1. Provide your books on rent for a reasonable cost.
  2. Set some time period for lenders to return the books.
  3. Write down details of the lender in a register.
  4. Don’t lend your books on installments.

If you want to buy a bookshelf to organize your books, then check the current pricing on Amazon here.

So what are you waiting for? Go and start with this.

#5. Start Blogging

This is the thing I love to do. I’m doing this for years now and I have developed a sense of trust in this kind of business.

Now I want you to start with blogging, as 2018 is the best time to start a blog. This is because of resources present now. Earlier it was very difficult to even research a topic and write a post. Even making a website was very difficult.

I made my first website by just coding and it looked very ugly. I’m shameful to show it to you.

You can earn a good income as a student starting a blog on the topic which you like, which you are passionate about. I would recommend starting a blog directly on WordPress, which I did. Buy a custom domain and hosting, rather than starting to blog on a blogger or WordPress extension.

Check the current pricing of Hosting and domain here on Bluehost, one of the most trustable hosting providers for beginners.

If you do not know anything about this industry, then I would recommend you to read lots and lots of blog posts on Backlinko, Neil Patel or simply watch the YouTube channel Income School.

These guys are doing a lot of hard work making you understand the importance of blogging.

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#6. Be a Source for other Coaching Institutes

This idea is for the students who have the ability and are passionate about video editing and making beautiful visual presentations.

You have to just partner with other Education Institutes or other teaching institutes, and provide them with presentations as per their needs in return of some payment.

I can make a business out of anything you want. But I’m not having time to implement those. I’m desperate to start with them.

You can find these types of institutes anywhere in the local city magazines, or daily newspapers stating that they want someone to make presentations for them. I get a lot of them everyday published in newspapers.

Just make a quality content for them for the first time, because the first impression is the last impression. As they will develop trust in you, they will assign you with their projects every time in need.

Just don’t be late in completing the project, else you will lose this job.

#7. Paid Guest Posts

You know what Paid Guest Posts are? Wait, I will tell you.

You must have heard of Guest Posts. When you make content for other sites and they publish it there, it is Guest Posting. But in Guest Posting, you have to pay money to those bloggers in return for getting a backlinks to your site.

Then how I’m saying that you can make money with Guest Posting? Well, I have done this. Follow my way.

But there is one fault in this too, initially, you have to pay them accordingly what they charge. I made a long-form content for a website named YourStory, which was a Guest Post. They really liked my content and what they wanted was to become a permanent publisher on their site.

What made this happen?

I think they were obliged to do so because of the Guest Post I wrote. I wrote a long, good quality article.

Quality + Reality is the key to success.

They hired me and started to pay me a good amount on each article I wrote. Can you write high-quality content which pays you off?

#8. Meesho Application

What if I say that an app can pay you better than your 9 to 5 jobs? (job, hmmm… not for a student’s reference)

Meesho is the best app for a reselling hub. It works like Affiliate Programs, but I believe it is better. This app is for the Indian market only.

Meesho is basically for reselling the clothes, daily essentials to other people by referring your id. If they tell you that they want to buy the product you referred, you have to just add the address in the name of the person you ordered. It works like this only.

You can set your margin as high as you want to. But I would recommend you to set up margin which reasonable, not that low and not that high.

They deliver the product referring to your name. It is a great way originating in India very rapidly. This app is available on Play Store and App Store too.

Where can you sell these products? You can simply make a group with your friends on Whatsapp, add at least 100 people, and start to offer them the products. Or you can simply post on Facebook or any other social media. You will surely earn something.

My friend showed me with the proof he earned around $600 only from Meesho app in a month.

#9. Rent a Room

If you are living alone and you are a student, then what you can do is rent out the extra room to others who are looking forward to shifting in your area.

I have given 3 rooms on rent to different people who have come and shifted to my city from various other cities. The amount I’m charging per room for a month is about 250 USD and I get 750 bucks a month by just renting out my space.

It’s that cool.

If you’re living in the center of the city, unlike me, then you can rent out your space even at a much higher price.

I’m providing every service to them like that of the Internet, water expenses, etc. but not electricity. It depends on their usage and they pay me separately for this each month.

Also, I love to rent out, not for the sake of money, but it also allows me to interact with different people, making healthy relationships.

#10. Pet Sitting

By the way, I have not tried this job, so don’t judge me if you fail in this.

Pet sitting can be another good way to have some money in hand. You can work for other people looking forward to someone to take care of their pets.

If you have an experience and a love for pets, then this job is definitely for you. But how can you find people who would like to hire you?

This can be done in a very simple way. Just list out yourself as a pet sitter on Google My Business, people will find you in a local area and will definitely call you if you do it the right way.

Speaking of pet sitting, you can start a blog on this topic. This niche is not very competitive and after my research for more than 2 hours, I have found that there is very less content written on this topic. You can easily rank in this niche in 4 months or so.

For this, you need a blog, as I told you earlier in this post. Check here for the current pricing of hosting and domain on Bluehost.

#11. Start on YouTube

Start on YouTube as a student
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Being the world’s second largest search engine after the mighty Google, YouTube is the best platform in 2018 to start with your business.

Even better than Milyin at this point in time. But I believe Milyin is going to be better than YouTube.

You can start uploading videos on anything you want and there are a ton of users who will watch your video. YouTube is crazy. You have a lot of scopes to start your career on YouTube.

Do you know that Justin Bieber grew out from YouTube only? Alan Walker was one too.

I started with a YouTube channel but as my passion concerns to write, I was not successful on YouTube. I’m going successfully in the Blogging industry.

The amount of views you get on your blog is 3 times less what you get on YouTube. But the earning potential on a Blog is much more.

On YouTube, you can get famous faster than that of a Blog. But who said YouTuber’s are earning less. In 2015, the famous PewDiePie earned around $15 Million just from YouTube.

Tips to start on YouTube:

  1. Customize your channel properly.
  2. Upload high-quality videos with rich description, rich tags, and focus more on content.
  3. Provide a good information on About Page.
  4. Set-up proper contact details.
  5. Try to focus more on Subscribers rather than focussing on income.

#12. Students Help Groups

Have you heard of SHGs, which broke out in a small country of Bangladesh?

When people from a particular area come together to form bigger groups to solve their problems through self-help or mutual help by contributing a small part of their money each month to get a huge money after years, these are SHGs.

Students can also start with an SHG and contribute some amount of money each month. Say that I have built a group in my area which consists of 100 people and everyone is contributing $100 each month. What will happen after 1 year?

We will get an amount of $1,20,000 contributed at the end of the year. Banks will try to enter into your association for official loans if anyone wants. This way you can tell your friends to form a group and contribute some money so that by the end of the year you get some interest on your deposited money.

The concept of SHGs can be well explained by MegSelfHelp.

#13. Give your Gadgets on Rent

Are you a gadget freak? Are you having technology from Cameras to those bulky PCs? Then this business is for you.

You can give your gadgets on rent to other people. There are a lot of people who are looking forward to renting every month. Be the first one to provide them.

I’m having a Canon 80D DSLR. Last month I posted an advertisement for that camera for rent on OLX, and can you imagine what happened next?

I got a bunch of customers that day only to rent out my camera. I was overwhelmingly surprised. I gave it on rent to one of my customer for $25 a day. That is equivalent to Rs1700.

He took the camera for 7 days and I got a surprising amount of $175. You can rent out anything and what I found is that OLX is such a trustable marketplace in India for used products and additional services.

#14. Surveys

Well, Surveys are good for the instant money but not for passive income. I included this idea only for students who need instant money.

Online surveys pay when you fill out some information along with some small gifts.

I would rather say that you invest your time on YouTube, Milyin or Blogging rather than filling out these small surveys.

But for the students who want immediate money, here are some of the best Online Surveys present:

  • Earnably – Earn online rewards and cashback for sharing your thoughts and opinions
  • Swagbucks Surveys – Swagbucks now has a dedicated survey section, and you can get $5 just for signing up.
  • Survey Spot – Earn cash and rewards for filling out surveys and sharing your opinion.
  • Pinecone 18-24 – If you’re 18-24, you can earn $3 per survey with Pinecone.

#15. Make Projects for Different Companies

As I earlier mentioned in this post about making presentations for other teaching institutes, similarly you can also engage with different companies.

There are a lot of companies looking for hiring someone to complete their task. If you know how to do it, then you can offer yourself to them hor hiring purpose.

My friend made a beautiful intro video for a company, I do not want to reveal the company’s name, and he got a sum amount of $250 for his excellent work.

You can post your gig on Fiverr for $5, where companies can find and directly contact you and assign you the task.

This is another good way for students to earn their first dollar online.

You can also look for other companies wanting to hire on your local newspapers and magazines.

#16. Stock Photos

Do you know that you can make money by just selling the photos clicked by you?

Yeah, this is true.

If you are good at photography and want to display your skills to a larger community, then what can be better than selling it as a stock photo on different websites.

You are having a camera, but you lack in photography skills. Don’t mind. Just get up one night for only 2 hours and watch some basic videos on YouTube.

Those videos will help you a lot. You can continue to develop your skill by watching videos and reading various articles daily.

Here are some of the best stock photo selling websites that I would recommend for sure:

  1. Shutterstock: You must have heard the name of this popular website
  2. Fotolia: Adobe Stock Seller Hub
  3. Alamy
  4. Etsy: Seller Handbook

I have earned a few hundred bucks selling beautiful pics which I clicked in my school campus only. I like to take night photographs of stars and different planets. Tell me in the comment section below which type of photography you like.

#17. Taxi Service

You are having a car gifted by your parents for your college, then why not start with a taxi service?

Sign up with UBER, if you have some spare time, and start earning some extra money with two of these exceptional companies.

On an average, you can earn anywhere between $100 and $300, working in an active city.

Or you if you are not interested in UBER, then you can provide your car on rent for people to go outstation without the driver.

You can charge anywhere between $100 per day for the car. In a month or so, you can easily earn $3000. That’s a hell lot of money.

If you are in India, there are two major taxi services working. These are UBER and OLA. OLA taxi service is very successful in India.

One more way you can start earning with your car is by local sightseeing. You can attend people coming as tourists by taking them around the city when you have spare time on any day.

There are many ways in which you can earn using your car as a taxi.

#18. Organize Children Parties

If you are having a lot of space where you live, then you can organize children birthday parties.

There might be many people looking forward to organizing a birthday party for their children at a good venue. Then this is for you.

You can host a birthday party at your home. You can charge them anywhere between $200 to $800 depending upon the space available. This is a very new way of earning money, especially for a student living alone.

People want the cheapest venue present out there. As big hotels and other party halls charge a lot of money, you can offer them at a good price.

#19. Event Blogging

Event Blogging can be another good way of earning money. Event Blogging means when you start with a blog to earn a very big income on a single day of the event.

My friend from India started with a blog 3 months before the occasion of Independence Day. He published around 12 well-written articles out there on the website, and guess what happened?

He earned freaking $5000 in just 4 days from Google Adsense only.

This is the power of Event Blogging. But it requires a serious amount of hard work promoting and sharing content with people until it gets viral.

He wrote content and before 10 days of the occasion, he started to promote the website to the fullest. He got this blog viral, especially on Whatsapp and Facebook, which drove him the maximum traffic. He got 3 Million page views in just 4 days!!

Though I have not done event blogging, I have shared this with you for the fact that some of you have a good knowledge of one festival or the other.

#20. Write E-Books

Writing a long E-Book will help you generate a good amount of income for the years to come.

If you are writing an evergreen content, then you can sell your E-Book for 10 years even. I recommend not to write an E-Book on the topic which will last for a year or so.

Jim from Income School gave an example of his E-Book which he wrote 8 years ago and is till now cashing cheques.

I believe that you should make your first sale of E-Book in the first month itself when you publish it. It should be at least 50,000 words. It takes around a month and a half to write a well-formatted content.

You can sell your E-Book on Amazon and eBay.

#21. Car Washing Job

Anyone can do car washing. Just grab your cloth, take the bucket and start washing cars for others.

You can charge them on an hourly basis or you can charge them on every car you wash. You don’t require a training for this kind of Job.

You can work individually or you can work for a Car Workshop Company. This type of job has great potential for generating income for you.

If I was in your place, I would charge 25 bucks washing every car, if I was working individually.

That’s All Folks

One thing to say, I’m not a so-called expert. I’m still a learner.

So don’t rely on me. You have a lot to do, along with studying. I can keep sharing information but nothing gonna happen until you take an action.

I’m sure you will consider picking one of my ideas to take action upon. With this, my list for 21 ways students can earn money ends.

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If you have any inquiry or suggestion then don’t forget to post it into the comment section below.


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