21 Simple Ways to Earn Money from Home in India
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Want to start working from home and earn money fast?

I know you are broke and tired of looking for some ways that actually work.

Alas, you’ve arrived at the right place.

There are a ton of home jobs that people say to start working on. Whether you are a Mother, a busy father or even a student, I have combined all of my best ways to make sure that you can earn money.

Before just starting on the list, I just want to say that your dedication and passion for the work will pay you off.

You can never expect yourself to achieve something without doing any work. Sure enough, you can make passive income but it still requires a considerate amount of hard-work in the starting.

If you want instant money, then I can say you’re in the wrong place. If you want it in an instant, then just go to the bank and grab it.

Now just read on and find the best way which will work out for you in 2019.


Dead Simple Ways to Make Money from Your Home

Never spend your money before you have earned it.

Thomas Jefferson

Same thing I want to make you achieve. Don’t start out by just spending money like a crazy person in order to earn money.

Many successful people started with their business without money and now they’re at some great heights.

1. Start with Some Video Content

Video content is the future.

A study shows that people like to watch videos more rather than reading text.

This is because a video creates more engagement between the viewer and the creator, which further develops a relation between them.

That’s why we can say that YouTube is now the largest video platform and is also the second largest search engine after Google.

This is what I recommend you to start working on and provide some value to the viewers.

You can earn a hell of money in this stream and there are proofs like from those of Logan Paul, PewDiePie from the international community and BB Ki Vines, AIB, Technical Guruji from the Indian YouTube Community.

For starting out on YouTube, you have to keep in my to be consistent. You have to publish videos regularly.

You can set up your day and time for uploading video on there. The best time considered to upload video is between 5 PM and 7:30 PM because this is the time most of the people in India are online on YouTube.

You can upload video any time as per your wish.

Also, you have to upload a content which is unique, no one has shared that type of video ever. This unique way will make you reach great heights.

You can see Technical Guruji, he has a particular style of starting his video. Same goes with BB Ki Vines and Amit Bhadana.

You can watch this video to get started on YouTube and make money from home:

Along with this, video quality and editing also matters if you want to play long on there. So here are some of the best (free) video editing softwares you can try out:

  1. Wondershare Filmora
  2. Lightworks
  3. VSDC
  4. Da Vinci Resolve

2. Start with a Blog

Many people around the world start with a blog working from home and earn a huge loads of money.

Same goes with me. I’m also a blogger and I’m too earning a handsome amount of income just working from my home.

But there is a flaw for the beginners.

And that is patience. Blogging is all about patience.

It will take 6-8 months for the results to come depending on the work you did initially.

But this is not the major thing which takes time. It is learning which is most important.

It took me around 18 months learning and creating a good blog which attract a lot of people every month.

I’m not still a prefect blogger but I have a gained a good experience in this field. And so I too want you to be successful.

Firstly you have to decide on the topic on which you have some good knowledge and you are going to blog about.

Then it is the time for you to buy a domain and hosting. Don’t expect something in return unless and until you don’t invest in yourselves.

So, check the current pricing of hosting and domain on Bluehost and get 60% off.

Remember one thing, you have to choose a domain which is related to your niche in which you’re going to blog about.

For example, if you blog about Monitors, then monitorsexpert.com will be a great pick.

I recommend you to not take more than 2 days on setting up a blog.

Read the full guide on starting a Blog on Ryrob.

3. Teespring

TeeSpring Earning
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I’m damn sure that you must have not heard of this program.

But I’m sure that you are going to make a heck lot of money just working from home on this website.

This is a website which is very little known but has a huge potential to take you to the next level in money earning game..

Let me explain you what is this.

You have to just design their products, like those of T-Shirts, Mugs, etc. and sell them on your own online.

You can keep whatever design you want and sell anywhere you want. They will manufacture the products designed by you on their own.

I’m sure you can carry huge loads of money but you need to be creative. You have to design something which is going to be a trend and be sure that it matches the trend.

I’m not sure that whether you have heard of Tesla Model Y, but I made $60 in one day just working for 3 hours.

But the major flaw here is that the market is only limited to USA & Europe.

That means you can only sell your products to the people living here. And be sure to follow the trend of that particular country.

A friend of mine too made an amount of $569 in 3 days just working in his free days.

I promoted my T-Shirt on Twitter. Many people just ignored my tweet but there were many who purchased from the link and this made me money.

So this is one of my income source which you can try.

4. Sell Your Own Courses Online

What could be better if you become your own boss?

If you sell your own products, you get the full profit. It’s better than selling others product and the best thing is that you have the full rights to customize your product and sell wherever you want.

But if you want to work from home, then it is not possible for you to manufacture products.

You have to start out by making digital products, that means you have to create either some courses in the field that you have experience or make some digital tools that people can use for various purposes, just like UberSuggest and much more.

I have myself created various products and made a ton of money.

The most important thing you must remember is that you have to provide the best possible value that no one else is providing.

You can initially start selling your own courses on Udemy.

Tips for Creating a Mind-Boggling Course:

  1. Decide on a Topic that you have passion in and just create the course and then publish it out. The main thing to consider is creating a course in which you can work with your heart.
  2. Don’t Over Price Your Course Initially. Keep the price of your course between $15 and $250. Don’t exceed it.
  3. Provide the thing that no one other in your niche is providing.
  4. Keep on learning and don’t just sit and wait for the course to be sold without any marketing. Pour as much necessary information you can in the course.

5. Start Selling E-Books

One of my friend created an E-Book 10 years ago and still it is making money.

This passive income stream is very unknown in India, but in countries like USA, Canada, Australia, people continue to make huge benefits just writing their own book and selling it.

Though E-Books cost less but they are effective. If one person reads your E-Book and he/she finds it really useful, then they will surely recommend to other people.

I wrote an E-book in June 2018 and till date it has made me $1673 (updated April 2019).

My E-Book
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That’s not bad!

You can sell your E-Book either on your own website or start selling it by placing ads on Google or Facebook.

Read this Five Tips Below if you want to sell your E-Book to the maximum people:

  1. Build Up Your Audience: You have to keep in mind that you are selling your E-Book for the purpose of building an audience which will eventually trust you.
  2. Set Price According to the Quality of Your E-Book: You yourself know that what kind of E-Book you are selling and what should it be priced. I try to keep the price of my E-Book between $2.99 & $6.99.
  3. You have to initially market your E-Book and if you are publishing your E-Book on other sites, then ask the bloggers to read it and give their opinions so that you can improve it if there is a need.

6. Home Tuition

If you have time and have a room vacant in your house where you can teach, then why not start with a Home Tution.

In India, many people prefer to take tuition and earn some part time income.

You have to just set up a study table with any number of chairs for teaching students.

But the major thing you have to ask yourself is that you are capable to teach or not. You have to take your Self-Assessment.

You have to see what other people are doing for their home tuition and what can be improved so that more and more parents will be willing to make their children join your tuition.

You have to decide how many students you are capable of teaching and which classes you will be teaching. You have to select a name that no other institution of that name exists.

Buy essentials such as that of black board, white board, writing material and a hand full of assessment sheet.

You can read some necessary information on the resource here.

7. Meesho Application

What if I say that a mere application can make you more money than your 9 to 5 jobs?

Yeah, its true!

Meesho is an application which you can download on your App Store or Play Store. It is a kind of Reselling Hub.

Its just like any Affiliate Program, but works in a better way. Let me remind of this, it is only for Indian Market right now. It will expand to other countries in future.

Using this app you have to sell their products to the people you know and you can. You can sell clothes, daily essentials, and many other items.

You can set margin whatever you want on the product.

For Example:

There is a product worth Rs 500 available on Meesho. Suppose I want to sell that product for Rs 700, then my margin will be Rs 200 and it will be my profit.

Now the question come, where can you sell these products?

You can simply create Groups on WhatsApp and Facebook and invite people there. Make the group dedicated to a particular product you want to sell.

8. Airbnb Host

Airbnb Host
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Are you having an extra room in your house?

If yes, you are on a good side. Try renting it out on Airbnb.com

The best part is that you can set your own rules for your room whether it is Check-In or Check-out timings.

I often visit other places and prefer to stay in Airbnb’s because of many reasons like they are relatively cheaper than hotels, you often get a private kitchen and a lobby.

I myself host people in my house very often when I have a room empty.

And Airbnb takes full responsibility if anything unusual happens. They guarantee an insurance of up to $1 Million.

Additionally you get to meet people visiting from different places.

9. Freelance Writing

If you’re fond of writing and you’re starting out as a beginner, then I recommend you to start with Freelance Writing.

There are many successful freelance writers out there who are just doing this work and making a full time income.

Let me tell you one thing, the first check I received was from Freelance Writing.

Freelancing does not require any background in English language only. There are many people on Freelancing websites who are looking for writers who can write for them in a particular language.

My buddy, Ankit, makes around Rs 1,20,000 writing for other people that too in Hindi Language.

So you see that this income source is having a lot of potential.

You can read more on Freelance Writing on Elnacain.com

10. Start with Amazon Affiliate Marketing

There are many people who are making tons of Money just selling products available on Amazon.

I have more than two Niche Sites solely focusing on selling products available on Amazon.

Now the question come how to do this? Follow my steps here:

Click here and go on the Amazon Affiliate Page. By clicking “Join Now”, fill in your information.

Join Now Amazon Affiliate Program
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Now You need to Enter Your Site URL or App URL on which you’re going to sell Amazon Products.

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After Filling in your all Information, you will land on this page:

Amazon Affiliate Store
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Here you will see a search box where you can search for the desired product you want to sell and earn money from home.

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Suppose I want to sell the first biography on the list, then I will click on “Get Link” Button.

After clicking on it, I will get an affiliate link for that product. I have to then promote this link and if anyone clicks on my link and purchases the product, I get some commission.

Commission varies on different products. Here is a list which gives you the commission rate you will get if you sell a particular product:

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Where to Promote these Products?

You can sell these products on your Website (highly recommended) or you can sell them on Facebook Groups and by running Facebook Ads.

There are many ways you can sell your Amazon Products. You can read this Amazon Affiliate Guide on ShoutMeLoud.

11. Rent Out on OLX

Do you know that OLX is a Gold Mine?

This is the best place for Indian People to rent out their items to the local places.

If you’re having an item which you do not use on a regular basis, then I recommend you to list it out on OLX and earn money online without paying anything yourself.

I rented out a DSLR when I was not having any use of it. In the course of only 10 days, I made Rs 10,000 by just renting it out. And I only rented 1 DSLR.

Think of it, if you’re having many items which are not of use and you make out a business of renting them out on OLX, then profitability would be very high.

What I have found is that it is a very trust worthy marketplace in India and the biggest for selling second hand items and providing services.

12. Start Investing

Earn Money from Home by Investing
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Investing money is the best way to earn huge loads of money. Big players like that of Warren Buffet made his wealth just by making investments in other companies.

But the main problem is that people think that investing is risky. They like to keep their in Bank Accounts akin try investing.

Banks offer very low interest rate on your amount deposited but investments can make you a huge amount of money if you know how to do it properly.

You can invest some time by researching the Stock Market in India. It is the best option for small investors who are just starting out.

There are majorly three types of investments which you need to know:

  1. Low Risk/Low Return
  2. Medium Risk/Medium Return
  3. High Risk/High Return

Mutual Funds (Medium Risk/Medium Return)

Mutual Funds are provided by some companies that have already learnt about about Stock Market. They basically invest for you in the stock market.

There is an App “Groww” where you can track the analytics of the various Mutual Funds of different organizations and invest directly from there.

But keep in mind, look for the funds which have a high potential to grow in the Future.

You can watch this tutorial video of Groww:

Fixed Deposits (Low Risk/Low Return)

This investment option is a very safe and a very common option.

Every Bank has a different kind of Fixed Deposit Scheme. For starting with this option you have to visit your bank and talk with them regarding their FD scheme.

What is a Fixed Deposit (FD)?

You basically become an investor for that bank for a particular FD tenure. Banks use your FD for their internal purposes. After this fixed tenure, they will give you a fixed return.

The biggest benefit for this investment is that you get more amount in return than what you deposit in a savings account.

So it is better to invest your money in FD rather than depositing money in a Savings Account if you want a return.

Longer the FD Tenure, better the return you will get.

Gold Investments (Medium Risk/Medium Return)

Most people in India are very good at this investment option.

Time to time, the rate of gold goes up and down. This is a very safe and simple investment option.

But the Risk or we can say a disadvantage here is that it is very hard to check the authenticity from which shopkeeper you’re buying.

So how this works?

If you see the rate of Gold going up than what was usual, then it would be the time for you to sell it and make some profit.

Stock Market (High Risk/High Return)

Investing in stock market is a very big game and a deal.

In Stock Market, as I told you earlier, you’re investing your money in other companies.

If the company is profitable, then in return you will be getting a proportion of their profit.

More the successful company will be, more the return you will get.

But the major thing before investing in other companies is that you’ve to learn a lot on it and be always aware what is happening in the stocks you’ve invested.

Read: How to Invest in Stocks on NerdWallet

13. Application Development

India is one of the largest producer of Android Developers.

It is one of the highest paying online work available right now. My friend is making over $2500 just working on an application.

It is completely a passive income source for him and he worked on it entirely from the comfort of his home.

If you’re a beginner and don’t know how to build an App, then don’t worry. You just need to have a good and a scalable idea.

You can simply hire people on Fiverr for building up your desired app. The biggest advantage of an app is that they have the highest potential of going viral.

MX Player is one such example.

It takes only an investment of Rs 2000 for publishing it out on Play Store.

Watch this video if you want to build your own:

14. Become a Website Designer

If I would have started my career again, then this work would be the first one I would have picked to start on.

Website Designing is not hard at all. If you don’t know coding, then no problem.

You can use various websites like WordPress, Wix, Blogger to make a website without any requirement of coding.

Web Designer
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They give us templates and there are many themes available which we can customize as per the needs of our customer and build a perfect website.

It will only require you 2 months to properly learn about making website. But I would recommend you to learn some basic coding to fulfill any additional requirements of the customer.

I have actually myself built 3 websites and the highest pay I received for building a site in a time period of 7 days was $1100.

If I can do it, then why can’t you.

15. Stock Photos

What could be better if you make money by just selling the photos which you clicked.

You can sell your images on various sites so that other people can use it for their purpose.

They buy images from you for a fixed amount which you had set. But the major problem here is that you have to sell high quality images.

You can start out with this by just having a decent camera (mobile camera will work), you should have basic photography knowledge and of course the courage to start with it.

Here are some of the best sites where you can sell them:

  1. Shutterstock
  2. Fotolia
  3. Etsy
  4. Alamy

I have myself not sold any photo but I will be sure enough to start with it soon.

16. Write an E-Book on the Behalf of Other People

Writing E-Book is not dead.

Many people consider it so because they don’t even know it’s potential.

I have myself written many E-Books and I’m still making money, means it is a passive income.

I earlier told you about writing an E-Book on your own. One more income source you can develop is by writing the E-Books for others.

I did the work only once, but it made me a huge profit.

You can find out many people looking for this service on Freelancer.com.

Here are some Tips for Making an E-Book look Attractive:

  1. Keep the length of E-Book of at least 30,000 words to make it more engaging.
  2. Make the Front Cover of the E-Book look very attractive. I recommend you to get it made by any professional.
  3. Put up the maximum knowledge you have about the subject in that E-Book.
  4. Include lots of examples and, if possible, case studies in the E-Book.

17. Milyin

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You might have not heard of Milyin.com

It’s just like YouTube but there is a difference. On this website you have to publish articles, NOT videos, and you will be paid of course.

The best part:

It’s my website only!!

You can register with us today and start generating money from the day one only.

Also there is no limit for the payout each month. Even if you earn $1 in 1 month, we will pay it by the end of the month.

On What Factors your Earnings will depend?

  1. The views you get to your article
  2. The Social Shares you get to it
  3. The Words Written

But the major thing is that you don’t have to copy any other article. If you’re found to be copying others article, you will be banned from Milyin.

We have given a lots and lots of functionalities. Also we have added a chat option from where you can chat with the big players out there who are writing articles.

So Register on Milyin today.

18. Domain Flipping

domain flipping
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Do you know that the domain insurance.com was sold for $35.6 Million?

Shocked to believe it?

Yes, this is the potential of Domain Flipping. I also bought a domain two years back and is available for purchase on GoDaddy for Rs 62,000.

Domain Flipping is not a child’s play. It seriously requires some patience, some analytical data of various companies.

Sure you can make hundred and thousands of dollars just selling domains but it requires a lot of patience.

You have to research for the domains which a particular is likely to buy it in the future. They will ask you for the domain in return of a high amount.

A news broke out in 2017, a boy who bought a domain at the age of 13, sold it for around Rs 21 Lakhs after 3 years or so.

Read: How to Start with Domain Flipping?

19. Buy a Blog that’s already Making Money and Work on it

If you find a blog which is currently making money and the owner wants to sell it, then surely buy it.

One thing you have to keep in my mind before the buying the website is to research on it’s niche.

If you see that you can write more content on that blog related to the current niche, then surely buy it.

Jim from Income School bought a website on Knives for about $75,000 and made it profitable. It, afterwards, made him more than $7000 per month.

The key thing is that you have to make site better by writing more valuable content. That’s it.

20. Micro Niche Blogging

This is a very quick income source and is very trending right now in India.

Earlier I told you about Blogging, but Micro-Niche Blogging is much more effective if you want to make passive income just working from home.

In this type of blogging, you have to select a very narrow niche. This means you have to select a very focused topic on which you can blog.

For example:

Wi-Fi Names is a broad topic for blogging, then Funny Wi-Fi Names is a micro niche topic.

In a micro niche you can write less articles and rank them on Google fast as your site is solely based on that particular topic.

You have to maximum write 7-10 articles on that topic but these articles must be of good length and high quality so that Google can trust on you.

One thing you must remember is not to take domain name in the name of any company which already exists.

You can read more on Micro Niche Blogging here.

21. Become a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant
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This profession is not that popular in India but still it makes a good amount of money.

Who is a Virtual Assistant?

These are the people who manage social profiles and keep their days in order.

A Virtual Assistant will do everything from managing social profiles, travel bookings, managing E-Mail, etc.

It is a very nice way of earning because it doesn’t require any hustle, you get to remain in authority of popular people and much more.

Its demand is growing at a much faster pace especially in a country like India.

If you are really interested, then read how to become a Virtual Assistant on MakingSenseofCents.

What I’d Miss?

With the fast growth of work from home jobs in India, there has never been any better time to start looking for side income sources.

You can come up with more ideas to make yourself financially independent. You’re smart enough to start working on these ideas.

What did I miss?

If you feel I missed something in my list, then feel free to comment below regarding this.

Either way, if you have any inquiry or suggestion, then let me know in the comments section below.

Work at Home Jobs
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