How to Earn Money while Travelling in India – 7 Easy Ways
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Earn Money While Travelling in India

Published On: 22nd October, 2018

I love to travel. I love to visit different places, enjoy different traditions, engage with this world.

But in this working world, it becomes difficult to travel without money. And when I travel, I have to do some extra work to earn a substantial income to pay my bills.

One thing to tell that my major source of income while travelling is of course from online work, as I run multiple blogs. But along with that, in this article, you will look into the best of my ways through which I have really earned money.

As far as India is concerned, it becomes difficult for you to earn money. This is because of the fact that India is too big to discover and all the day around, you are out of your place where you are staying.

The list below is a mix of online work as well as work you shall do visiting a particular place.

#1. Sell Photos Clicked by You

Do you know that you can make money by just selling the photos clicked by you?

Yeah, this is true.

If you are good at photography and want to display your skills to a larger community, then what can be better than selling it as a stock photo on different websites.

You are having a camera, but you lack in photography skills. Don’t mind. Just get up one night for only 2 hours and watch some basic videos on YouTube.

Those videos will help you a lot. You can continue to develop your skill by watching videos and reading various articles daily.

Here are some of the best stock photo selling websites that I would recommend for sure:

  1. Shutterstock: You must have heard the name of this popular website
  2. Fotolia: Adobe Stock Seller Hub
  3. Alamy
  4. Etsy: Seller Handbook

I have earned a few hundred bucks selling beautiful pics which I clicked visiting different places. This way of earning money is top on my list.

#2. Become a Tour Guide

Become a Tour Guide
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You must be thinking that why I’m talking about being a tourist guide when you yourself are a tourist.

But you can make some money out of it. But it may require a lot of hard work and learning.

This becomes possible and even has much more profit if you are travelling in a group to India. You just have to learn a brief history of a place you are visiting a particular day.

My suggestion is to start reading about that place a day before you are visiting the place. You can unhesitantly tell your group that I have a knowledge about this place and I want to act as a volunteer to guide through the place.

It becomes easy for you to learn about that place the day before visiting.

But, if you are not in a big group and still want to make some money out of it, then do the way I have told you below.

Just act as a tourist guide to the local people of India. Just don’t tell them that you live in another country. Say – you shifted long back to India.

As I’m an Indian, I know that Indian people have craze to meet and greet foreigners. But how would it be if you yourself offer them your presence?

This way, they will be attracted to you and be obliged for you to become their tour guide. And you can take a rise in price if you want to, as earlier said Indians are fond of foreigners.

This is another great way of earning money but requires a little bit more hard work.

I know you will be able to do this, BEST OF LUCK!!

#3. Start a Niche Blog

This income idea is definitely a paradise for readers and writers. The people who love to write lots and lots of content and the people who write their diaries must start with their blog today.

I have been personally blogging for a long time and I’m making a good amount of income. I have seen a lot of people who purchase their website, don’t write helpful content and don’t earn a single penny. Then they say that blogging is useless.

This is not true…

…if you are visiting on a trip to India, then blogging is the best way to cash cheques. India is so much to discover.

You can start a blog on a small topic, let’s say about the places you are visiting. Remember that you have to start with a website, and writing useful content before 3 weeks of your travel date.

Purchase a domain from GoDaddy and check the current pricing of hosting your website on Bluehost here.

You have to start a niche blog and attract as many users as you can initially. You can follow the channel, Income School, where you will find the best available blogging tips for niche sites on the entire internet. 

You will be successful!!

YouTube too has a great potential to grow, but it is time-consuming. But if you have a lot of time, then prefer reading this article on TaskDream: 9 Easy Steps to Earn Money on YouTube

#4. Start to Brag. I’m Serious!!

Think that you are roaming in the streets of India and you found a handmade art for which you were looking for a long time. Then what would happen?

I’m sure that you will try to outshine or try to make your friend jealous sitting in your home country by showing the product you got. I can make a business out of this too.

Suppose there is a situation, your friend also wanted to go on a trip to India and wanted to have a lot of shopping there. But unfortunately, it was not possible for him/her to go along with you, but wants you to buy something for him/her.

This happens a lot.

You found a product and showed it to your friend through a video call or a WhatsApp message, I’m pretty sure he will say you to buy that product for him. Here comes the deal. Take lots of goods for your friends and add up some commission saying that they were too costly.

Suppose you get the shopkeeper to say the price of a particular item to be Rs400, then make it Rs700 by yourself and give it to your friend in place of money. This is how you can earn money even from a small thing.

I hope you will like this though, share it everywhere. Tell me some of your thoughts in the comment section below.

#5. Be a Temporary Teacher for Local Children

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There is a lot of poverty especially in a country like India. You can earn money with the joy of teaching children from small households.

You will see a lot of children in India desperate to be studied. This can be turned out in a kind of business for money minded people. But I must say, seeing a sense of joy and smile on their face, makes you feel happy and motivated to do work to your fullest.

You may teach any subject you like, preferably you teach English only because those children are desperate to read and understand this subject.

If you are teaching only for the sake of money, then don’t enter this arena. You can take short classes and you can even take permissions from local schools for taking a class of these children and teaching them in return of some income.

Or you can for poor households, open a school which is just for some short classes in different regions. Charge them some fees, say only Rs20 per day for every child.

Children, there are desperate to study and will surely attend your classes, who have not got a single chance in their lives to attend schools. You will make a good money out of it.

I think this is a task of self-pleasure and for the richness of your mind, not your hands.

#6. Start Freelancing for Quick Income

I know, most of you will be aware of what freelancing is. And for those who don’t know-

freelancer is a self-employed person who offers services to clients, and often to multiple clients at a time.

I recommend starting building up a profile as a Freelancer. You have to perform the tasks which you like and in return, you get paid. You have to do these tasks for people who are hanging out in need on various websites like-

  1. Freelancer
  2. UpWork
  3. Toptal
  4. Craigslist

These are some of the websites where people who want to hire others for their work hang out. You have to do a quality work in order to build up a great profile.

There are a lot of ways in which you get paid from these Freelancing websites, like PayPal, Direct Bank Transfer.

It is an immediate income process, as and when you complete a task. You are also paid some amount as an advance, to secure task.

Whenever you feel you are free on your trip, start to do freelancing. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

#7. Show Up Your Talent Publicly

build up audience
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If you have one talent or the other, I would recommend why not showcase it to the public?

After all, the public is looking after some entertainment. But be sure, you don’t try to show your talents in small cities and villages.

Also if you are talented in one area, you can hold up some courses or events on your topic. Like you are good at Yoga, launch up a course for 7 days in a city like Bangalore, Delhi or Chennai. Launch it at a reasonable cost. People will surely join your course with a craze that someone out of India is teaching.

This would be good.

Though I have not experienced this, that’s why I have kept it on last on my list. But I’m pretty sure a person can make a good business out of it.

Conclusion on Earning Money while Travelling in India

Earning money is really very easy when you are on a visit to any country, whether it is India even.

There are a lot of ways besides I have listed. These are my best tips and ways to earn money while travelling I have researched and experienced about.

Now it’s your turn.

Comment me down if you have new ideas or ways to earn money like this. Also, if you have any doubt or have any inquiry, comment down below.

Amit Mahajan

Hi there, I'm Amit Mahajan, a sports shop employee turned into one of the biggest Real Estate Agent and now an Online Marketer.

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