5 Ways to Earn Rs 500 Per Day Without Investment
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How to Earn Rs 500 Daily

Published On: 4th November, 2018

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In this world full of technology, there are a lot of possible ways you can earn money. But for those who are struggling to earn even Rs 500 per day, then this article will help you a lot.

If you want to earn money fast, then you are in the wrong place. You know that earning money online and even offline requires a huge amount of hard work. It took me 6 months of creating, innovating and opening my value to the public for the initial offering of the product which I’m supplying.

I know, most of you must have come here for the craze to earn Rs500 per day from the first day. But it is not possible if you are trying it online. But if you dedicate your time and do some hard along with smart work, you can even earn more than Rs500 a day.

One thing to tell: Constant work for 6 months paid me off. I make more than Rs1500 per day on my website Milyin.

I’m inspired by great bloggers of India like that of Pardeep Goyal, and great leaders like that of Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Bill Gates.

I tell you that:

  1. There is no quick way to get money fast online.
  2. Most of the job offers you get online are absolutely fake. Don’t waste your time in those kinds of unprofessional tasks.
  3. Believe in yourself. Don’t care a damn of other people who are supposed to stop you in between.
  4. Don’t accept cheap work. This is not good for your profile.

You have to be punctual in order to accept your clients and work online. 

Start on YouTube and be Consistent

YouTube is a great place to start out even if you are a beginner. People are making tons of money by just publishing their videos and providing value to their audience.

You know that in 2015, a YouTube named PewDiePie made around $15 Million in one year, which is equivalent to 100 crores!! That’s amazing.

On YouTube, you need to be consistent. It is the key to success on YouTube. You upload a good number of videos, providing value, in 6 months and the response will definitely come.

You can read my post on 9 ways to earn money on YouTube in 2019.

Start with Freelancing

Freelancing is the best way for beginners to earn money. In fact, the first check which I cashed was made from Freelancing itself.

If you are perfect and have developed skills to perform one or the other thing, then Freelancing is for you. You have to just complete the tasks provided by other people and along with that, you have to provide a true trust and best possible value so that they can assign you there tasks again and again.

Initially, you have to reach out to big freelancers in your niche and ask them to promote services, if you have some quality. Then, they will definitely recommend you to other people.

Best Freelancing Websites for Making Rs 500 Daily

Now if you are ready to take a step ahead, then check out these best Freelancing Websites where you can start to earn money now:

  1. Freelancer
  2. UpWork
  3. Toptal

If you are looking more of these websites, then visit here on Entrepreneur.

If you are looking forward to a full guide explaining how can you start Freelancing, then I would recommend you the Pardeep Goyal’s Guide. He has made a lot of effort explaining you and providing the best possible value to your customers.

Start with a Blog and Earn More than Rs 500 Per Day

I started with my first blog back in September 2017, when I had no knowledge on how to maintain it. I just ran after earning money online and I was unsuccessful. The greed of making money bore no fruits.

Over time I learned a lot of things, like that of SEO, Affiliate Marketing an all other earning sources. I read a lot of blogs and watched a ton of videos and then again I started with my new website, Milyin.

Now, it’s your time to start with a blog. If you have a passion for something and you know how to do it, then I would recommend you to start with a blog.

You have to pick up a great domain name in order to be unique, you have to make a great website using a well-optimized theme, you have to write a bunch of helpful content, and then you will see results pouring out.

You can buy your domain and hosting on Bluehost here to avail maximum discount. Here are some of my favorite ways you can earn money on your blog:

  1. Cost Per Click Ads
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Sponsorships
  4. Guest Posts
  5. Info Products

…and much more.

You can read a full course guiding you on how to start a blog and increase it’s potential to a next level.

Affiliate Marketing is the Biggest Source of Earning Money

Now if you attract the audience to a particular product through your unique link and people buy it, you earn some commission.

Affiliate Marketing is the biggest source of my income. It’s just like a retail shop, where you buy products from suppliers and sell them further with a commission in between.

In India, Amazon and Flipkart are the best affiliate networks. But Indians don’t know that there are many other Affiliate Networks which pay you even more.

Here is a screenshot of my earning on Amazon on TaskDream only (website started in September 2018):

Amazon Affiliate Earning
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There are tonnes of programs online out there. Check here the best affiliate networks you can sign up in 2018.

Buy and Sell Domains

Buying and Selling domains can make you a hell lot of money. But here you need some more investment, but I’m sure if you will put this on sale afterward, it’s value will be increased and you will instantly earn a huge spike of money.

Pardeep Goyal bought a domain for a few thousand rupees and sold it for $15,000. I mean this is insane. As I told you, I bought a domain name “Travelonatory” back in September 2017. It is a great domain and is now listed on GoDaddy for Rs 60000. I’m looking for someone to buy it so that I get some commission.

There are a lot of people involved in this business only. Firstly, I recommend you to look forward to any guide which explains to you that how can you buy a good domain and then sell it.


So here were my best ways you can earn Rs 500 per day without investment or even more.

Nothing is gonna happen until you take some action. There are many ways you can earn money online. You have to develop your own imagination and creativeness.

If you have any question, then you can submit it in the comment section right below and don’t forget to join my newsletter on the top (blue bar). Just enter your E-Mail Address

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Hi there, I'm Amit Mahajan, a sports shop employee turned into one of the biggest Real Estate Agent and now an Online Marketer.

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