Elon Musk Personality Type: The Visionary Leader!
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Elon Musk is the one who has become a topic of discussion.

The Billionaire CEO of Tesla, Space X, SolarCity is certainly on a constant effort to make our future better. He is reshaping the world.

As we all know, only 2 or 3 people as successful like him are born every century.

One person who came in this position is this great visionary leader. He has been really focused to his work and he is often regarded a mad person.

Why a Mad Person?

This is people he claimed that he used to work 15-16 hours a day just to build his empire in his early days.

It is also revealed that he was so lost in his work that he often slept at his work-space only.

This is called dedication and it is a lot for normal public.

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What Made Elon Musk and Steve Jobs Different?

Elon Musk is often regarded to Steve Jobs but they both are in really different criteria’s.

Elon Musk wants to take humanity to the next level by sending people to Mars as soon as possible, he is really considerate in developing clean fuels energy to have sustainable development.

This is why he launched Electric Vehicle segment in Tesla.

On the other hand, Steve Jobs was a person who made unimaginable things come true.

He launched the first smartphone which was an evolution in the smartphones industry.

He launched Pixar and made it successful too after he left Apple. Steve Jobs knew how to understand the market and take an immediate action towards solving the problem.

So both of these people though are great, but in their fields.

Never Ending Formula

Entrepreneurs develop a formula of never giving up.

Same is with Elon Musk…

This is their greatest feature that they stick to only one work until and unless that work is not fully completed.

They are known to complete a particular work in the shortest amount of time.

Elon Musk started with his Space Company, Space X, and after launching three rockets with unsuccessful attempt, he tried to it one more time.

When he set out to make the fourth attempt, he was having no money and still he did, spending all his money which he got from PayPal.

And what next? The fourth attempt was a successful one.

He was given $1.2 Billion by NASA to support the private company and make it achieve more successful tasks like these in the future.

And now in 2019, Space X is one of the greatest company and is said to launch a manned mission to Mars between 2024-2028.

This will be the first manned mission to another planet… I mean that’s amazing for a company which is not even 20 years old.

Always Doing Something Extraordinary

These people are often regarded the top level innovationists.

Elon Musk always looked forwards to do something exemplary and something which would make him good profits.

Tesla was going bankrupt, but Elon Musk was the person who saved this company.

Earlier there were only Gas Cars but now, after Tesla’s innovation, Electric Cars are also available and that too at a very low price as compared to Audi, Bmw’s, etc.

Tesla Engineers have a developed a system of Auto Brakes and Auto Pilot on such a large scale which was not possible if Elon Musk had not given his entry.

He is really focusing on Clean Energy and make future of Earth more bright.

He is also developing the biggest Rocket of all time named ‘Big Falcon Rocket’ which would carry humans to Mars.

Always Planning for the Future

Plan for the future
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He is well aware that what will happen in the future if we will not take step in the present.

He has concluded that Humans have to become space fairing species in order to survive any Natural Disaster that would strike Earth anytime.

He is a far sighted and visionary person.

He has changed the meaning of impossible, turning the word to I’m possible.

“I don’t expect to do what is possible, I want to do what is needed to be done”.

Books Make the Great Things Happen

Elon Musk became a great leader by only reading books.

It is also considered that he did Rocket Science unofficially just reading those books.

It is said that the books make great things happen. In one of his interview, he said that from reading books of Fantasy to the Great People Biographies, were crucial to his success.

In his school days, he didn’t even had a single friend. He considered books to be his only and the best friend.

This way books bonded his thought together and gave a clarity of thought what he needed to do in his life.

He chose the path less traveled by and still achieved the thing which many failed to do.

As we know Elon Musk was a South African Born prodigy, he didn’t have capabilities to understand English clearly and contact in this language. But books made him realize how important it was for him to learn the language.

He Doesn’t Prioritize Money

We often consider rich people to show off their worth, having supercars, private jets, but let me tell one thing, this person is a different case.

Sure he has a net worth of $21.2 Billion, but this person never showed off and always helped for the betterment of humanity.

His main focus is learning new things and improve his companies not matter the money, but you may not know before setting up his foot in the Tech Industry, he survived on $1 a Day.

When he was in his early days of Zip 2, there was a severe shortage of funds for running the company.

Once he said:

We were so hard up, we had just one computer, so the Web Site was Up during the day and I was coding at night. Seven days a week, all the time.

So think how much pain he has suffered and risen to such a huge place.

If you Want to Change the World, Work for at least 60 Hours a Week

Work More than Anyone Else
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Elon Musk has apparently changed the world by working for 120 hours a week in his early days.

Can you believe it?

He didn’t even got to sleep for most of the days. Once he started with his work, he used to get lost in it so much that he skipped his meal and even sleep.

He worked from dawn to dusk and was so passionate, he didn’t think of anything else.

An average American works for 40-50 hours, so think how much he worked. More than double of their work time.

Now he works for a reasonable time of 80-90 hours a week, but it is still high when compared to other entrepreneurs who spend an average of 60 hours a week in work.

So what you should remember?

Work every day and be productive as much as you can to out stand your competitors. If you observe your competitor working for 60 hours a week, then you must work for at least 70 hours a week.

Elon Musk expects his employees to work as much as they can to accomplish his dream and you will be surprised to read that his employees also want to work as much is possible.

This is because of the work culture this guy has developed and motivated his employees.

Don’t Make it Over Complicated

The major rule he follows is to go with simplicity.

This is what other Entrepreneurs do and become successful. Over complication often leads to rupture the process.

We have to just identify our goals and then start working on them no matter what others are saying.

This is the key to success. Elon Musk followed Simplicity and grew up huge companies like Space X, Tesla, when they were almost bankrupt.

The best way to come up with your business is to master simplicity.

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Don’t Listen What Others Say

He said that love whatever you do.

You don’t have to care a damn what others say about your business and personality.

It is the most important rule for the Entrepreneurs to not listen the people who are not more successful than them.

You have to follow the thing that you are always lost about. You have to take that idea serious which you think everyday of.

When he introduced the idea of reusable rockets, there were many people who were jealous of course and said to everyone else to not listen to him.

But after many failures, he was ultimately successful in his Reusable Rocket technology.

He said that Risk is the only thing which develops a person. Its the thing on which the person has to decide.

Never Give Up

Never Give Up
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When he started with his career, he had developed a mindset to never give up.

He faced three failures in a row in launching his Rockets. He completely lost his money and he was left with the money to launch the fourth rocket.

He didn’t give up and was ultimately bound to success. He got around $1.2 Billion from NASA for his successful attempt.

You have to make quitting out of your options. Don’t keep it as an option. As simple as that.

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Final Thoughts

Elon Musk did it but why can’t you?

Sit for a day or so and think of it what you have to achieve in life. Don’t ever go after money. Money will come if you do something to solve others problem.

Its all about solving problem. Every Entrepreneur works on a way to benefit the humanity.

That’s what Elon Musk is doing. He started with Tesla because of pollution from Gas-Engine Cars, he started Space X to transport Humanity to Mars in the coming years, he started with Solar City to make everything Environmentally Friendly.

Learn from the lives of other Successful People and you will definitely achieve your goal.

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