10 Simple Methods to Motivate Indian Employees
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How to Motivate Indian Employees

Published On: 2nd November, 2018

You are owning a company. You have invested a good amount of time working and establishing your company. But you face the main barrier to the success of the company when your employees are not willing to work and are not motivated. So what can you do to increase the manpower?

While sitting in my balcony, I realized that why not tell my blog readers the solution if they are facing the same situation.

In this article, I will tell you that how can you build your high-performance team, not a dull one, which will enable you to achieve your dreams fast. I guarantee that your business will not expand unless and until you have a team which is motivated and wants to work.

One thing to tell: If an investor comes to your company to invest, he/she will first see the manpower you have and then he will be convinced to do so.

An effort that is Appreciated gets Repeated

This is a golden statement. This statement is for all of you, I say that you read my post 3 times so that you will be convinced to implement in your team right away. If you appreciate my effort, if you really like my work, you will definitely implement this.

Tips for Your Employees to Work and Stay Motivated


#1. Celebrate Small Success & Milestones with Standing Ovation

Make your workplace more vibrant. Now, this is the key. If anything good happens there, stand up and celebrate it by appreciating the person. Anything happens, go and give hi-fi’s. You must think that your employees are your family members.

If you celebrate something, Physiology changes. If there is something gonna happen, physiology will also change everyone’s psychology. At every small achievement, try to celebrate it as a short-term occasion. Action changes Perception.

This is the major interpretation people make that if they start to get involved with their employees, you are actually disturbing them by stopping their flow.

This is very much wrong interpretation. Jeff Bezos started with his company, Amazon, in his garage. As his company expanded and he established his first office, he used to take his employees out for parties.

This is why he is one of the most successful people in the world.

#2. Create a Well-Defined Growth Path

Create well defined growth path
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If you are very clear about your growth, your revenue is increasing rapidly, then your Employee will definitely not leave the company. He/She will think that this company can lay a foundation for his/her success.

If your Employee understands your growth path, he will say that he should not leave this company because in the coming time his salary will be increased. And along with that, he will think that his post will be increased.

#3. Potluck

First of all, you have to do is that make your Employee feel that his workplace is also his family. The people working there and helping each other will make him empowered and he/she will not be afraid for any inquiry.

Now how can you do this?

This is done by Potluck. Set a day in a month in which every Employee in your company will bring one extra dish along with the daily food. All the workers will sit together and eat their dish. It is obvious that they all will taste each other’s food and if they appreciate each other, this will create a sense of family environment, where everyone is engaging with each other.

#4. Free Food for Employees Working beyond Office Hours

If your Employee comes to the workplace earlier than the time appointed, then arrange for his/her breakfast. Do it by yourself.

If someone works for you over time, after working hours, then you arrange for his/her dinner too. These are very mall conveniences which you can provide too your Employee which will help you a lot.

They will share their problems and opinions with you open-mindedly.

#5. Encourage Good Health

You have to keep your Employees motivated with encouraging good health. You will not have to spend any money but there is very much profit on this.

You can organize some physical activity once every week. The best option is to start organizing Yoga before the working hours. Make it optional for them to come. If you have some budget, then you can set up a gym.

#6. Employee to Employee Engagement

This is a good idea by which your Employees can start engaging with each other and they have some motivation to work for the success.

Hang a board on a wall near to a desk. Keep a sticky notebook and some pens on that desk. If one Employee does some good for another Employee, then tell them to write some good thoughts for them on that sticky note and stick it on the board.

If the good doer comes and reads the thought of another Employer, then everyone will appreciate him/her. That person will feel very good and will be encouraged to work. This will develop a culture of family at your workplace.

#7. The Employee of the Week, of the Month, of the Quarter

Why not start with appointing the best Employee of a particular time period based on his statistics, relationship and good work?

In your company, all you have to do is that appoint someone for this department who will judge everyone and record his/her capabilities.

Practice that every week you have to give an award to one person or the other. People will wait when they will become the Employee of the week, Employee of the Month or Employee of the Year!

They will be excited to see their fortune that when others will appreciate by clapping for him/her. This will create a sense of excitement at your workplace.

You have to keep your place charged up so that they are able to provide you with the best output. They will be constantly thinking that how they can be the best Employee of a particular time period.

#8. ESOP: Revenue Sharing

ESOP: Revenue Sharing
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If you are struggling to find talented manpower for your company, then you have to implement the strategy of ESOP (Employee Stock Option).

But the condition for this is that you require a Private Limited Company. This is the first requirement. You know that there is something called IPO (Initial Public Offering), before that you have to launch ESOP.

You have to share your company’s revenue to your Employees. If there are there are predictions which tell that your company will succeed and your sales are growing at an Exponential rate, then ESOP is my preference.

This will encourage your Employees to buy your stocks or acquire some part of Ownership in your company. They can withdraw their amount after retirement or at any time they want to. ESOP makes your company trustable that many stakeholders are involved, and many other people will also try to invest in your company.

Read detailed content on ESOP on Investopedia.

#9. On the Spot Incentive

Here you too require a board and your early arrival at the workplace, before any Employee comes, is required. Hang out a board on a wall and pin some money and other sweets there.

If someone achieves any goal, he/she can take off the fruit of their work. They can pinch out the money or the chocolate they want.

These are On the Spot Incentives. Your Employee should have the feeling that he does not have to wait. With this everyone will be encouraged to complete their work as early as possible. Then people will clap for him/her and everyone will be motivated to work. This is the immediate gratification.

#10. Sponsor Higher Education against a Contract

Your Employees also have some dreams and aspirations to grow and succeed in life. Then you have to spend some money on them if they need.

If they want to acquire higher education, then you can sponsor Executive MBA or Leadership Funnel for them.

Their progress is your progress.

If they will gain more knowledge then ultimately they will be a source of success for your company. They are the one who will for your company.

You have to sign a contract with them that you will sponsor MBA for them. Spend 25% of the money they require for the course of MBA or any other degree. In return, set up a condition that you will only sponsor MBA if he/she will work on the company for like 5 years, or 3 years.

He/she will surely say that they are ready to work for you and this will help you earn more money for your company.

That’s All Folks

All the ideas you gathered from my post on how to keep your Employees motivated, will really help you to keep your business strength constant. Now many of you will find that it will be very costly to implement these ideas. But that’s not the matter to be worried about. If a good and encouraged Employee thinks to leave your company, then it will be not good for your company.

Amount spent on your company will definitely turn out to be worth it.

Nothing is going to happen until you implement these strategies. Also, you have to pay some attention to your low-level workers in your company, like that of Servants.


Amit Mahajan

Hi there, I'm Amit Mahajan, a sports shop employee turned into one of the biggest Real Estate Agent and now an Online Marketer.

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