Job vs Business: What Should You Start With?
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In this world, everyone needs money to support their family and fulfill their needs.

This money comes from working, not from laying down and doing nothing.

Many people are confused that what should they start with? This controversial topic of Job vs Business is in a hype.

Some believe that starting a business is much better as we are our own boss but some people, because of the sake of security, believe that doing a Job is a much better option.

So you came to this article, just researching what are the opinions of other people. I’m not going to share with you my opinion, rather I will show you what would be your condition if you start with a business or a job.

So let’s get started without much ado.

Find out What You’re Interested in

You have to be burning with an idea, or a problem, or a wrong that you want to right. If you’re not passionate enough from the start, you’ll never stick it out.

Steve Jobs

This quote by Steve Jobs, one of the most successful entrepreneur, tells you to focus on your passion.

If you’re not following what you love and you end up doing something which you do not like to do, then there’s no point for you to continue that.

You have to look out for problems which are faced by normal public and then try to solve it.

For example:

Elon Musk introduced electric cars and self-driving cars to combat the problem of gas engine cars as they were causing pollution.

You are passionate about work even if it is assigned to you in the midnight and you’re ready to do it.

There are many people who think we need to be passionate. But this is not it.

Passion will not work alone if you don’t even try to take action. Taking action is the most important thing. Taking action and implementation leads to earning and growth in life.

So understanding my statements is really important.

How Passion & Taking Action Helps you in Your Career?

When I started out, I didn’t even know what my Passion was.

It’s not your fault that you don’t know what to do. It’s because of our education system which does not teach us what to do in our professional life.

We’re taught all those things which are not necessary for us in the future and our career. Tell me one thing, has Algebra ever helped you in your life even once?

In this tough world, people are always confused what to do, Job or Business?

So there is a need to have self-education. If you’re in your early days, then start to learn something new on a regular basis which interests you.

Believe me or not, my self-education in my interest subjects has made me what I’m today. Having a Degree helps you a lot if you want to do a Job in a company but it really does not matter if you want to start a business and take it to a higher level.

Decide on Yourself

Decide on Yourself
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There are also some family arguments and conditions which do not allow you to do your work.

If you want to start your own business and your family is saying you to continue your family business, then in this case what you will do?

If I was in your place, I would have continued doing family business but along with that, I would have also started with a side-business. As that side-business grows, I would have shown it to my family that this business is bringing in much more profit than the family business.

This is how I would have convinced my family to start and grow the business I wanted to do.

Now what about Jobs?

Most of the students have developed a mindset that once they complete their Graduation, then they must join a good MNC and start working in that company for their whole life.

You never know when that business will shut down. The same thing happened when Jet Airways was shut down and left 20,000 people jobless.

So rather than focusing on one stream of income, you must focus on creating more opportunities for yourself.

You should never depend on one source of income. Versatile your income streams and secure your life. We will talk about this vast topic later in this post.

Pros of Doing a Job

Well, talking about the advantages of doing a Job, here are some of these:

1. Options are Countless

When you’re a student, you have multiple streams and options to choose from which decide on what Job you will do in the future.

In this corporate world, you have many opportunities. You can get any post in a particular company depending on how hard you do your work and what are your past achievements.

You can go anywhere from a newbie in a company to Vice President or CMO or even CEO. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, is a perfect example.

But it all depends on the type of skill and value you can provide to the company. Companies teach you how to work with other people. It increases your work ethics for a better output.

Also these work ethics also help you when starting a business. You’re basically involved in the company’s work culture.

2. You have a Sense of Security

Job Security
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When it comes to doing a job, most of the people think of the security in income and employment they will get.

You get an assurance of continuity of employment for a great part of your life. You have a regular income for supporting your family and paying regular expenses.

Where there is no job security, employees are at a high risk of losing of their job.

But there is a flaw too…

There is a great chance that the company you’re working in might go out of business and may shut down. The company gave you assurance of job but they never knew what will happen to their own company.

This is the same thing which happened with Jet Airways. More than 20,000 employees were left jobless, as we discussed above.

So where do you find Job Security?

The answer is Government Jobs. I’m totally against Government Jobs because they provide very less pay but they are the ones which provide you income for the rest of your life because you also know that the Government can never collapse.

3. You get Access to Special Bonuses and Policies

The best part about doing a Job is that you get access to Special Bonuses and Policies.

You get a lot of offers, I mean a lot from the Company you work in. You are paid for your hard and honest input you provide to the company.

Companies provide various facilities like those of achieving higher studies, scholarships for your Child, Passes to various places and events and much more.

Now the question comes, why Companies provide you with such bonuses and facilities even if it is not in a benefit for them?

The reason behind this is that they want their employees to grow. Companies invest heavily for the growth and transformation of their employees in terms of their profit and credibility.

Also, one more reason behind this is that they don’t want their employees to leave the company and want to get higher output from them.

Cons of Doing a Job

Now talking about some of the disadvantages of Jobs, here are some of these:

1. Increase of Workload

Increase of Workload in Jobs
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In the initial days of joining a company, you will never face this kind of condition. But with time, the workload on you will keep on increasing.

You’ll be given a lot of responsibilities in completing different projects on time. You will be working from home completing those projects and you will get little to no time to spend with your family.

You may have to work for longer hours without any breaks or you may do overtime. As a result, you’ll be frustrated and this will lower your overall productivity.

This is the darkside of doing a Job which no one tells you.

2. You Don’t Earn Much

The biggest disadvantage of doing a Job is that you don’t earn a lot of money.

This is the reason why I don’t like doing a Job. You don’t get enough salary to support your family.

Sure enough, your salary increments overtime whenever your post in the company changes but that takes a lot of time.

I mean 2 years, 5 years, 8 years. In this span of time, you could have successfully started with a business with a lot of revenue.

It’s not in your hand that you will get your dream job and then earn huge loads of money.

The sad part is that we spend at least 15 Years in acquiring education and what that education tells us? It tells us to only do jobs and never ever they tell us to start a business.

Why is it so?

We’re never taught about starting a business rather we’re told about getting a good Job in a reputed company.

Don’t you want to have people working under you? Do you want to work under some other person?

You have to ask these questions to yourself and then take a decision.

3. You Cannot Grow and Learn New Things

Learning in this Process
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With the load of work, you don’t even get the time to develop your personality and learn new things.

Learning new things is very important for all of us. We have to move forward as this world grows.

You don’t even change in your capabilities. You’re always working for the same thing which is really very boring and you’re stuck at that point for the rest of your life.

You’re not taught how to grow in life because the companies fear that their Employee might start with his/her own company and set-up a competition for them.

This is the secret which Companies don’t tell us!

You cannot make your own decisions of taking a day off, else there is a chance you’ll be kicked out of your company or your salary for that day will be cut.

Why Starting a Business is much Better?

Remember one thing:

In a business, your exponential growth is possible whereas when you do a Job, your potential decreases and growth is very slow.

It may even take years for you to have a new position when you do a Job.

In a business, as you’re starting it, you’re your own boss. You never have to worry of workload from the other person.

Your business increments daily and you never know that where your business can make up.

There is no limit of money. Companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft started from a big fat ZERO. And now they are some of the richest companies in the world in terms of revenue.

Everything starts from zero and even if you’re starting a business, then keep in mind, that you have to never give up.

Age is just a number. You can start your own business at any age. Colonel Sanders started with the world famous company “KFC” in his 60s.

It is well said, If you want to become rich then you have to start with your own business.

You get a whole set of people working under you as a team and the most important learning which you get overtime doing business is Teamwork.

So now, let’s dive right in and know what are some of the advantages and disadvantages of starting a Business.

Pros of Starting a Business

I can tell you 101 advantages of starting a Business, but we have to limit ourselves. Here are some of the advantages of starting a Business:

1. Earning Potential is Limitless

Earning Potential is Limitless
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In a Job, your salary is fixed. You get a fixed salary for every hour you work or every month you work for a company.

But in a Business, your earning potential is limitless. You can earn a mere pennies or you can grow your business to a Billion or Trillion Dollar Business.

I would like to share something about me:

When I started with my business, I used to earn Rs 1900 ($30) every month. And this is the amount which I constantly earned for the next 3 years. Now here I’m, earning more than Rs 20 Lakhs ($30,000) every month from my business.

I told you this because of the thing that everything starts small. Hard work along with Smart Work paid me off.

2. You only make Decisions

As you are the founder and owner of the Company, you have full-power to make decisions for your company.

In a Job, you don’t have any power. Your boss might give you any work to do even if you’re not willing to. You cannot make decisions as an Employee for the whole company.

In your own Company, the policy made by you has to be followed by everyone in your company and no one can subject or argue in front of you.

You will have the power to make your business work the way you want. You can hire people or kick them out as per your understanding.

You can implement your own strategies and with time and experience, the accuracy of decision making will improve.

3. You have Freedom of Work

There is no one who can make you work for day and night. It all depends on you that how much you’re willing to work.

As a result, you get time to spend time with your family and friends.

Along with this, you get a lot of time to improve yourself and learn new things. As we discussed above in the section of Jobs that you don’t have the time to grow, but here it is completely opposite.

In a business, you develop a system that you go outside for a vacation and on an autopilot your business grows.

One thing you have to remember always is that build a highly qualified team. If you want to make your business grow in a positive manner with positive cash flow, then a highly skilled and responsible team is required so that they can handle even if you’re not at your workplace.

4. You have an Identity

Identity in Your Business as an Owner
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When you’re doing a job, you work as an employee. There you’re not having an identity which is known by all, rather you’re known only by the people who work with you at the workplace.

But in a business, as you’re the owner, you have a widespread identity.

Whenever a business becomes successful, the name of the owner or the founder is recalled and not of the employees.

Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos are well known because they are the founders or the owner of their companies.

Don’t you want to become successful like these people?

Cons of Starting a Business

There are some disadvantages too of starting a business. These are listed below:

1. You have to Work a lot

In previous section, I told that you have freedom of work. I said it all depends on the time you want to put in your business in order to make it successful.

Honestly speaking, you have to work the maximum in your whole company if you want to make your business really something.

The personalities which I told you earlier sure enough started from their garage or their home, but the amount of hard work they had to put in is immeasurable.

Elon Musk says,” There are way easier places to work, but nobody ever changed the world on 40 hours a week.

He clearly means that one has to put more than 60 hours a week into his business in order to become successful. I admire Elon Musk the most and in one of his interviews, he said that he worked 120 hours a week in his early stages.

Now you must have understood that how much work you have to put in in order to take your new business to great heights.

2. Risk Involved is High

The risk involved in starting a business is quite high. You may end up losing all of the money that you had put in your business.

This is the reason why many people think too much before starting a business.

Nowadays, many people are shifting to an online business model because it is much more profitable and you have a very less chance of losing money as the investment is very less too.

But to let you know, Steve Jobs was kicked out of his own company “Apple” and then he found a new company “Pixar” which also become successful.

Elon Musk was made responsible for the near bankruptcy of Tesla. But he overcame that phase and now Tesla is one of the best automobile company in United States.

Always remember my wording:

“Not taking Risk is the biggest Risk in your Life.”

You only become successful when you take initiatives and risks. Taking action is the most important thing.

3. Team Building is very Difficult

One of the biggest reason why businesses fail in the first year itself is because of team building.

They build a team which is not productive, not skilled, not motivated to work and is not able to define your dream or mission.

You need to have a motivated culture in your company, you need to have a team which listens to you and respects you.

Many business owners don’t even care to take a professional interview based on the employee’s skills and capabilities. They take an employee based on their educational qualifications.

So you need to note down these points and implement when you start a business.

How to Become Successful in Life?

How to Become Successful in Life
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Being a successful person means different to different people.

Someone likes sports, someone like doing business and someone like doing a Job in a MNC or a Government Job.

But according to me, if you want to become successful, then there must be an inner satisfaction for the work you’re doing. You’re not a successful person if you’re doing a work forcefully.

When I looked back on my early days when I completed my studies and started with my business, I understood what was different.

By the God’s grace, I overcame those dark days and now here I’m with an inner satisfaction that I’m able to support my family and I’m living a happy life.

But from within, a thought still comes to my mind that I want to start with something new. I’m a kinda person who doesn’t like to do one thing, rather I like to learn and implement new things.

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Job vs Business: The Final Conclusion

In conclusion I can say that, do whatever you like to do. Don’t forcefully start with something which you don’t like.

Many parents want their children to set up their career and argue with them to do either of the two things. You have to argue with your parents now in order to keep them happy in the longer run.

I don’t want you to have regret afterwards in your life.

Do a Job if you want to work for a limited time, want to spend most time with your family, want a secured life (Government Jobs preferable in this case).

Start with a Business if you have a fire inside and you make a commitment with yourself that you will do something for this world and that thing will make your name go into history pages forever.

Start with a Business if you want to take risks, if you want to work continuously for longer time, and want to live a rich life.

Now that you have listened to my advice, take action and go on the course which you’ve decided upon. Best wishes from my side.

This Job vs Business article must have helped you a lot. Comment down below if you have any query or a suggestion for me.

Best of Luck!

Amit Mahajan

Hi there, I'm Amit Mahajan, a sports shop employee turned into one of the biggest Real Estate Agent and now an Online Marketer.

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