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One of the Most Knowledgeable person whom I have ever met in this Internet Marketing Field. He often provides his audience the best way to start with their online career. I mean he literally can develop a business idea out of anything. Akarshit has made me realize that what effect Learning Internet Marketing can have on our businesses. In the starting, I was also reluctant to purchase but what he said afterwards was truly amazing! He said, "Even if you don't get success from this Course, then don't worry. Failures lead to success." After reading this, I was very much obliged to purchase this course. I'm looking forward to meet him in-person as soon as possible!
Internet Marketing Triumph Testimonial
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Paras Aggarwal
I saw him for the first time through an Instagram Ad. In that ad, he told everyone that he earned Rs 60,000 in just 3 days of working. I was intrigued by it and followed him. Initially I was not able to believe all this until he showed the actual result in one of his session's. And I was like, What!! I quickly, without wasting any time, signed up for the course. Akarshit Sir is a great motivator and a person who inspires me everyday. Though the course has recently started, but I feel the content which has been shared till now is enough for the amount I paid. I'm learning new things everyday and I have started to implement them the way Akarshit has been telling.
Internet Marketing Triumph Testimonial
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Ritesh Sharma
My name is Komal and I'm an Architect based out of Chandigarh. I mainly operate my business offline but I want to shift online because I know its potential. After trying a lot to find out a way by which I can learn all these advertising things, I came through a post by Akarshit. In that video post, he very well explained about Paid Advertising. I registered myself for his Webinar and got to know that he provides one to one calls. I somehow got the call scheduled by paying some amount but the value he gave me during the Zoom Call was immense. After that, I registered for his IMT course and want to tell everyone of you, I see a lot of honesty in him and I strongly feel that he is go to man if you are looking forward to expand your business online.
Internet Marketing Triumph Testimonial
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Komal Rawat

Be Ready to Learn All These Things...

Running Successful Ads on Facebook™

Basics to Advanced in Paid Advertising

Selling any Product/Service

The Power of Converting Funnels

Customer Value Journey (Explanation)

Advanced Lead Generation Model

Making Yourself Grow on Social Media/Personal Branding

The Potential of Affiliate Marketing

Dropshipping & Print on Demand Model

Numbers Speak the Truth...

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Reach in 3 Days
(Book Selling)

Promoting IG Account of a Client

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Another Client - 1100+ Followers in 2 days

Internet Marketing Triumph

Wanna achieve victory in this field of Internet Marketing? If yes, then this is a Perfect Program for you to enroll.

Everyone Business owner or an individual, looking forward to earn money online, must realize that starting a Business in 2019 is a lot different task. The person who wants to become successful has to go online and share his/her content.

There are two types of People – 

– Action Takers

– Non-Action Takers

The people who really wanna transform their lives for the better, they are the Action Takers according to me. In order to build a great online business, you need to learn some of the insights which big marketers use.

And this is what we teach you inside the Internet Marketing Triumph Course. I’m on a mission to empower more and more lives through my secret techniques and hacks which I use.

You can’t even imagine what transformation can this bring in your business!

Everything inside the Course will be gem of a content and the most valuable on the planet at this Price Point.

Internet Marketing Triumph Is Ideal For...

Fresher, Influencers, Dropshippers, Local Business Owners, Affiliate Marketers, Network Marketing, Service Providers, Digital Product Creators, Best for Students

Internet Marketing Triumph = Domination in Online World = Personal Branding = Success

Paid Advertising Modules



We will do all the training afterwards. First we will become friends and will have some motivational & inspirational talks to keep you charged up during the journey.


Advertisement Platforms

In the first Session, we will be knowing about different platforms on which you can start advertising.


Psychology Behind Marketing

In order to become a great marketer, you need to understand the psychology of people.

Most of the business fail because they don’t understand what their ideal customer is looking for. 

I will help you to start understanding the stats and how to find your ideal customer.


Magic Ads/Viral Ads

Do you know why some ads reach out to a lot of people and blow up?

Here your creativity comes into play. In this session we will discuss that how some ads become so viral and why some do not (even though they are well produced).


Behind the Scenes of Ads

See ads are not the only thing which will help you grow. There is a very big process in order to convert someone.

Funnel Creation is the thing where 99% of the advertisers go wrong.

Facebook is just a source of traffic but the real game comes when people visit your landing page/website. If your website is not designed or optimized in a proper way, then you will loose out on your potential customer.


Facebook Ads

Time to start with real journey.

In this module, you will be introduced to the Ads Manager on Facebook.

If you’re mere beginner, then no worries. We will be starting from the very basics and then continue to advanced.


Ad Campaigns & Ad Sets

This is where you start to create your ad. Most people go wrong in this part and lose out a lot of money.

Now in order to get the most out of the money you spend, this module is surely going to help you.


Ad Targeting

There must be a targeted audience for you.

Here you can target a particular set of audience. This module is going to be a long one. So buckle up and if you do it right, then 50% of the work is done.


Budget & Scheduling

Now most advertisers don’t know that how much they should spend on a particular campaign.

They either spend a lot of money and do not get results or they make up a very low budget.

In this module you are going to know 2 ways by which you can run your ad campaigns.


Converting Ad Copy

Now this is the most important thing. 

You need to have an attractive “Ad Creative” which can stop a person scrolling in his/her feed and interact with your ad.



Facebook Pixel

You need to monitor the people who are responding to your ad and coming to your website and purchasing something or the other. Right?

So for this Facebook Pixel comes into play. So in this module, we will see how Facebook Pixel can help you monitor all the data.


Conversions Campaign

This is the best campaign objective Facebook has.

Using this, Facebook sends the highest quality people to your site and this is the campaign which I use 99% of the times.


Your Ad Assets

Inside the Ad Assets section, you will be able to see that what kind of audience has been interacting with you the most.

This is going to be a short module.


Retargeting Ads

This is somewhat advanced.

Retargeting means to show your ads to all those people who have already interacted with your content but did not take any action.

This type of Ad is very powerful and can get you lost sales back.

There are multiple ways of retargeting like targeting people on your email list, people who have viewed your ad for a particular duration.

This module is going to be the most effective one.


Billing & Ad Account Issues

You don’t anything about running ads.

Then you may face Billing & Ad Account issues. Sometimes your ad account may be banned or sometimes there may be a billing issue.

So when you will face such issues then this module will be handy.


Lookalike Audience

If you have found your ad creative which is getting you a lot of results, now its the time to scale it.

You can expect 2X – 5X ROI when you start using Lookalikes.

Lookalike means targeting exactly similar people to whom you have already targeted.

Inside this module, I will share with you some of my scaling methods which I have used in the past.


Split Testing

This is an advanced level of targeting. A/B split testing cannot be explained here in words.


Solving Doubts

Now its the time to solve all your doubts. 


Success Case Studies

You will like it if I share with you some of the case studies?

I will sharing with you all some of the success case studies.


Secret Conversion Strategies

I cannot reveal anything about this module here.

But believe me, its going to be one of the greatest modules in the whole course.

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Affiliate Marketing has been my Biggest Source of Earning and in this Course you will get to know some of the Best Strategies.

Affiliate Marketing Modules

(Each Module has 4 Sessions)

Module 1 - The Power of Affiliate Marketing:

🗸 Generate Unlimited Revenue

🗸 $6.8 Billion Industry

🗸 Recurring Model

🗸 Sell Whatever You Want

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Module 2 - The Funnel Concept:

🗸 Lead Magnet – Attracting 

🗸 Free Content (Tripwire) 

🗸 Main Product

🗸 Upsells – Increased Revenue 

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""And I earned $700 in just a Day"

“Akarshit has been doing Great in this industry. He really changed the Game for me.

Sure there are much bigger Internet Marketers out there, but the hardest working person in the house is surely Akarshit.

His content is MONSTER. He wants to provide everyone with the best content and is on a mission to impact other people’s lives in a positive way.”

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Simon Williams

Module 3 - Affiliate Marketing Via Facebook Ads:

🗸 What type of Ad to Run

🗸 The Bait Offer

🗸 Getting Leads

🗸 Involving in Webinar Funnel

🗸 Starting with Email Marketing

🗸 Selling Core Product

🗸 “No-Brainer” Offer

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Module 4 - Webinar Affiliate Marketing:

🗸 The Complete Webinar       


🗸 Type of Strategies in


🗸 Strategy 1 – Offering the

    Product Upfront

🗸 Strategy 2 – Doing a Free

    Webinar and offering the

    Product Later

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Kunal Making Over $200 a Day in Revenue at the age of 19 through Dropshipping

Dropshipping Modules

(Every Module has 3 Sessions)

Module 1 - Setting Up a Store:

🗸 Setting Up on Shopify


🗸 Setting Up on

    Woocommerce (Step-by-Step)

🗸 Which Theme to Choose

    for Highest Conversions

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Module 2 - Finding & Adding Products:

🗸 Finding Products On

    Facebook & Etsy

🗸 Finding Products on

    Aliexpress, Alibaba & eBay

🗸 Adding Products to Your

    Online Store

🗸 Copywriting Comes into Play

Module 3 - Copywriting Module:

🗸 Generates Curiosity

🗸 The Words Display The

    Value of Your Product

🗸 Develops Trust

🗸 Someone comes to your

    product page and gets

    hooked to your content

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Akarshit Helping Other People to Start with their Dropshipping Career

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Module 4 - Print on Demand (Explanation)

🗸 Print On Demand – The Most

    Profitable Way

🗸 Your Designs and No Hassle

    of Shipping

🗸 Merchants and Print on

    Demand Partners

🗸 Integration With Partner

🗸 Strategy of Scaling to 5 

    Figures and Further

🗸 Offers and Upsells to

    Increase Revenue

🗸 Cart Abandonment Solution

Module 5 - Mockups & Product Creatives:

🗸 Creating Products &

    Making Mockups

🗸 Creating Highest

    Converting Creatives for Ads

🗸 Offering 5 Designs to

    Everyone to Get Started for


🗸 A Good Funnel to Sell These

    Low-Ticket Items

🗸 Viral Elements to Boost

    Conversions in this Sector

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Module 6 - Ads Vs Influencer Marketing:

🗸 Reaching out to Social Media

    Influencers to promote your


🗸 Budget & Scheduling for Ads

🗸 Identifying the Right Audience

🗸 Instagram Reach Out

🗸 Ninja Hack for                       

    Capturing Attention

Want More? This is Just the Starting...

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