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Only 1 in a 100 companies continue after 10 years, 99 others are shut. With such stats it raises the question how do you build lasting companies and great cultures.

How do you pursue employees to build products, that seem to outrageous and far from being in reality?
How will you bounce back if you are the founder of a company and you hire a person, whose layer creates trouble for you causing you to leave your own company?
How will you do the marketing so that you can make the case for a new product such that people gather day before the launch and sleep on road in front of your store to buy your product next year?
Almost everyone would have seen such situations in there life at one point or the other, and it is from these situations that the real legends are born.
Steve Jobs fought tough situations with ease, he could shine easily in tough situations. He had a amazing talent of using Reality Distortion Field.

How this E-Book Can Help You?

With over 130 pages, this Ebook takes you through all of his experiences, his virtues, and his mission. This book is a combined effort of Aditya and Akarshit (our inspired and ready to work all the day “interns”), who’re experienced in this field. We have got information about various incidences from his life through his official biography, The Small Fry by Lisa Brennan-Jobs and Creative Selection by Ken Kocienda, his public keynotes and speeches, accounts of his known, Apple employees, and some other sources from Quora and Reddit.

So it can be said that it is an Ultimate Biography which will help you a lot and make you take action in your life and transform it completely. Taking action is the most important thing if you want to be successful and be like Steve Jobs.

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Not Taking Risk is the Biggest Risk in Your Life

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Imagine your employee claiming to be incapable of improving the software. He fails to shave off even a millisecond from load time. Rather than scolding, Steve Jobs used Reality Distortion Field. It’s hard to imagine but the employee made the software faster by 10 seconds.
Such amazing motivational and inspirational words using Reality Distortion Field, can change the world. Steve Jobs himself told that the Most Powerful Person in The World Is The Story Teller Because He Controls The Imagination.
Steve Jobs himself never talked about Reality Distortion Field in his own words, but for him being a story teller was really important. He could change the perception of people.
Now because there is little to no records of Reality Distortion Field, we Present to you this book. Steve Jobs: Reality Is Malleable, in which we talk about how hardships are just a perspective. How we build up a great empire, how we can develop a culture that can go on for the years to come.
You can applaud Apple, you can appreciate Apple, you can criticize Apple, but you can never ignore Apple. Apple is the company that may or may not make great products, but it definitely changes the way the industry moves.
We will help you with a short live story of Steve Jobs describing the struggle of his life. This is not a just a Biography, it is an inspiration as it talks about Reality Distortion Field. The Steve Jobs: Reality is Malleable is a book that talks about how to make Reality Malleable.
How to change the perspective of life, how to influence a people in a manner that people do outrageous things and do wonders for nothing. 
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